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Neff Studio Salon Terms & Conditions
Neff Studio Salon takes pride in our Salon Services and the products that we carry. In order to ensure the highest quality of customer service, we have listed our Return Policy, Salon Service Promise, Online Reservation Policy and Terms & Conditions all in one place. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact a studio coordinator with your questions.

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Online Reservations
Online Purchases through our Online Reservation System are subject to the following terms:
  1. All Reservations using Neff Studio Salon's online reservation system require the purchase of a Neff Studio Salon Experience Card in order to reserve your experience time.
  2. Neff Studio Salon Experience Cards are Non-Refundable. You may use your Experience Card in-store for other services or product purchases should you not be able to keep you experience time.
  3. Should you not be able to make your reserved experience time, please Contact a Studio Coordinator 24 hours in advance.
  4. All information collected on Neff Studio.com is subject to our Privacy Policy.

In-Store Purchases
In-Store purchases are subject to the following:
  1. Management reserves the right to refund or exchange any product purchased at Neff Studio Salon, with a valid receipt.
  2. Returns without a receipt will not be accepted.
  3. Neff Studio Salon Experience Cards are non-refundable and may be used at a later time.
  4. When using a promotional gift, you will be asked to provide your name and address if we do not already have it in our system.
  5. Neff Studio Salon will only honor coupons or discounts if provided directly by AVEDA Corporation or if issued directly by Neff Studio Salon. Online coupons being offered by discount sites will not be honored.

Salon Service Promise
If you should have any challenges with a service that was perfomed at Neff Studio Salon, we ask that you Contact a Studio Coordinator so we may reserve a complimentary consultation. Please review our Service Promise below to address any intial questions that you may have:
  1. We guarentee our hair services for 14 days after the service has been performed. During this time, we will correct any challenges that you may have with your style or color services.
  2. A Neff Studio Salon Coordinator will contact you the following day after your salon experience to perform an over the phone "Experience Follow-up". If you have any concerns, please let our Salon Coordinator know so we can address any challenges.
  3. We reserve the right to request full payment for services in advance from a guest.
  4. Neff Studio Salon will not accept discounts or gifts for:
      - Junior Level Kids Hair Cuts
      - Junior Level Facial Waxing
  5. There are no refunds for salon hair services.

Website Terms and Conditions
By using our Website, you agree to the following:
  1. You understand that Neff Studio Salon will do it's best to keep the website in operating condition, however, does not guarantee that the site will be available at all times.
  2. You understand that Neff Studio Salon will provide updates to the website, however, any price differences will be correct by the current in-studio service menu or in-house product pricing.
  3. Offers on Neff Studio.com may or may not be used in the studio. Please read the current offer's terms for complete details.
  4. All information collected on Neff Studio.com is subject to our Privacy Policy.
  5. Online Experience Reservations are required to purchase a non-refundable gift card in order to reserve the selected experience time & service.
  6. Online Experience Reservations may be cancelled 24 hours in advance. A refund for the purchased gift card will not be issued. You may use the gift card in store for product purchase(s) or other services at a later time.
  7. All purchases from Neff Studio Salon, including online purchases, are subject to our Return Policies listed above.

Updates to the Terms and Conditions will only be posted on this webpage. Please check periodically for updates to these terms. Neff Studio Salon Terms have been updated on November 30th, 2011.

Neff Studio Salon has a NO-DIVERSION Policy.
This means that Neff Studio Salon will never sell Aveda products to anyone who is believed to be involved with diversion. Anyone who is believed to be diverting Aveda products will be reported immediately to Aveda for investigation.